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Bria Lloyd

Investigative Journalist 

Bria is a journalist who's done it all. She has experience in local, national and international news and she's worked in radio and TV. She's traveled to Norway to report and produce a documentary about prison reform and she spent one year working on a narrative podcast about a city filled with government scandals. There's not a job in the newsroom that she can't do. She can report on-air, write for broadcast and web, shoot and edit video, line produce, digital produce, manage a team, record and edit audio and investigate.

Most recently, she's done investigations into police officer's treatment of sexual assault victims and employee's receiving delayed paid leave checks. She loves when she gets an email from a state agency responding to her FOIA request. There's nothing more exciting for her than sifitng through public records. And when agencies deny her access, she has successfully filed appeals to state FOI commissions to get her hands on important documents. The ability to hold those in power accountable and push for change is what drives her. 

Above all, Bria enjoys working with a team. She believes the work is stronger when people come together from different walks of life with different backgrounds and expertise to a produce a piece of journalism. In every newsroom she's worked in, she's found joy in working with colleagues who sometimes turn into life-long friends. If you're interested in having Bria on your team, send her an email at
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